From Scotland with love.

First week is gone.. time is flying by so quickly. I'm starting to feel the weight of time heavily upon my head...

Scotland is so beautiful... I feel like I'm in a fantasy land.. I'm deeply, madly in love with the land. I understand why the people here have so much love for their homeland.

The people have been wonderful- tonight I was invited into a restaurant in which I had been photographing the outside... the Italian chef was off of work and invited my friend and I in for a cup of coffee and conversation. I explained how a camera worked.. where I was going with it all... And then it began.. The argument over whether global warming really exists or is a scam... hahaha. never argue with an Italian chef. You can't get a word in... but still. It was the best coffee I've had here- that's not saying too much though. They have dark, espresso (<--revised: thank you johnny hahaha), espresso with water in it, and cappuccino. I miss american coffee shops. dang.

I'm feeling so much doubt... I want to make the most of my time here. I'm so scared of disappointing myself and not being able to produce good work... oh well. The stress of school is heavy. oh well... I need to just shoot and love.

I haven't had a lot of time to tone pictures... so here's a few. I haven't gotten started with my documentary yet.. it's been all research and networking... I should have better things to post soon when I dive in.

I hope everyone is doing well- life is so lovely :)

peace and love.


Johnny said...

lovely pictures.

but it's espresso.

(i'm a coffee snob.)

Noah Devereaux said...

Doesn't look like you're gonna have any problem doing work.

The classes help push you to get out and go places and do things that you wouldn't do if you didn't have the weigh of expectation on your shoulders.

What that really means is... keep doing what you're doing. And update your blog more often.

David said...

Hi Shaena , it seems your having fun in Scotland and doing very well. Don't put so much pressure on yourself, I know that's easier said than done. But fuck school, concentrate on your passion. I pissed on my DARS just yesterday. I was more than relieved.