home, tornado, and kids on railroad tracks.

I went home a few weekends ago.

we had a few tornadoes pass right over where we were... as soon as they passed I was on railroad tracks. The air always gets so eerie after a storm like that. It feels like it's taking a deep breath after raging upon the earth or when you wake up from a dream and you're not sure if you're actually awake or not...


alone at the theatre.

"So may night continue to fall upon the orchestra, and may I, who am still searching for something in this world, may I be left with open or closed eyes, in broad daylight, to my silent contemplation." - Andre Breton Surrealism and Painting, 1928



I see colors.

Some pictures from this weekend and thoughts on color content.

As for the bumble bee...I'm allergic to bee stings so general I run from anything that buzzes, but I felt bad for him.. he was trapped inside, so I opened the window to let him out. He never left. I heard he died.

I find myself often using color as content. I love black and white... no, wait, I adore it. truly. It seems as though almost all of my favorite photographers shoot in black and white (take Paolo Pellegrin from example, the master of bw). But I think and see in color. It's this struggle in my brain sometimes- I'm very visually driven, so it's really easy for me to make pictures of "things" and focus on a "mood," but I'm in love with people- I want to share their lives and energies with other people the only way I can (visually) so I wonder sometimes if I'm doing a disrespect to actual story telling by being naturally more visually driven. I know there's a way to combine the two.. to find a balance between the "mood" and the "moment," and I think eventually I'll find it. But another thing... I feel like a lot of photographers think it's a bad thing to use color as content. Why?? Why is that a bad thing? If you're using color because you're lacking content sure, that's bad... but if the color IS the content, I think, if done well, that can be ok. Sometimes color isn't just chosen because it makes the subject look nicer- sometimes it's just a part of the subject matter. I don't think that's anything to run from.... I'd rather embrace it, and keep finding a way to make it better.

And after having that ramble, I just got a huge craving to shoot some things this week in black and white. (hahaha)


waking gray.

When I was going through these pictures, Ani DiFranco started singing..."under a sky that is gray, and sand that is gray, an ocean that's gray." It seemed eerie and perfect.

I feel like I'm in a dream. A waking dream. I'm unsure of what is now. what is the future. I float about, being caught between the two places... Trying to find that balance between the future and the present. I think it worries some, but I find the dream-state is really something beautiful. I'm always one for blurring lines. It's such a strange thing, to be human. It's really wonderful and terrible and tragically beautiful.

It's 3:36 am and I can hear birds singing...


hello california.

It's an excessive amount of pictures, I know... and a lot of them aren't overly special.. but it's a travel log of my trip to California a few weeks ago with my dear friend peter. It's the first time I've ever been to California.

Roadtrips are the best.