Perpetual Motion

2:03 am. I was just in the bathroom and could hear the sounds of a girl crying from down the hall... they build the walls thin here. I wonder what made her weep. I also wonder if maybe I just imagined it.

I thought I would put up some pictures from a few weeks back. They were from one of the days that it really hit me how quickly things would change... I've been expected a change for myself for some time now- a new town, a new path.. but it was realizing that everyone else's life is changing too that really shook my brain. Everything is changing. so fast.. too fast. and maybe at the same time, not fast enough.
I've had this feeling of standing on the edge of the cliff, with my toes curled around the very edge of the rock... and I can feel myself start to lean forward. Before long I'll be plummeting into the ocean below.. or whatever is down there. And I think for now, I just started to lean past the edge.
Something I want more than I can describe- a place that feels like home. a place that i can have "roots." I feel like I'm at a point in my youth where I need to move.. I'm stuck in perpetual motion. My growth and wander tosses me from one place to another, and for now, that's ok.. but someday, I hope to the powers of the universe that I can find a place to really take root. Maybe it doesn't exist. I'm hoping it does.

thank the universe for beautiful women. I have been surrounded by such beautiful women in my life.

And last but not least... does anyone else find the size of the truck to the size of the house ratio absurd? Amurica.

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