I see colors.

Some pictures from this weekend and thoughts on color content.

As for the bumble bee...I'm allergic to bee stings so general I run from anything that buzzes, but I felt bad for him.. he was trapped inside, so I opened the window to let him out. He never left. I heard he died.

I find myself often using color as content. I love black and white... no, wait, I adore it. truly. It seems as though almost all of my favorite photographers shoot in black and white (take Paolo Pellegrin from example, the master of bw). But I think and see in color. It's this struggle in my brain sometimes- I'm very visually driven, so it's really easy for me to make pictures of "things" and focus on a "mood," but I'm in love with people- I want to share their lives and energies with other people the only way I can (visually) so I wonder sometimes if I'm doing a disrespect to actual story telling by being naturally more visually driven. I know there's a way to combine the two.. to find a balance between the "mood" and the "moment," and I think eventually I'll find it. But another thing... I feel like a lot of photographers think it's a bad thing to use color as content. Why?? Why is that a bad thing? If you're using color because you're lacking content sure, that's bad... but if the color IS the content, I think, if done well, that can be ok. Sometimes color isn't just chosen because it makes the subject look nicer- sometimes it's just a part of the subject matter. I don't think that's anything to run from.... I'd rather embrace it, and keep finding a way to make it better.

And after having that ramble, I just got a huge craving to shoot some things this week in black and white. (hahaha)

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Anna Edwards said...

Yellow shoe love. Really cute : D