Time has picked up the pace.

Time has filled in the space.

It's funny how the longer you wait to make contact with someone or something, the more difficult it becomes to reach out at all. More time, more important ideas, more important personal events - it all just accumulates in you like old shoe boxes full of memories and then gets lost in space.

I am almost embarrassed of how predictable I've become the last year - I've been moving every three to six months, and each time I do, I seem to drop off the face of the earth for a couple of months, resurface, and then move and disappear again. But, Starting in September I moved into a new house, in a place that finally feels like home. I've started a new chapter, in a place that I will be for longer than three months, with the people around me that I love so deeply. The last few months have been full of resettling and an intense academic workload, but I'm feeling excited and hopeful, moving toward the center, and feeling a firm footing. I am so blessed to have a fresh start in a place I love with beautiful people, in a beautiful little home with kittens, gardens, colorful walls, love, laughter, and so many things that make my heart swell daily. So, after having some time to settle I'm ready to move forward with projects and explorations, and I hope to give the ol' blog some love and attention to reflect those endeavors.

Ever thankful.