in the womb. in the woods.

the last quick stop motion from the woods in the catskills.

bottom photograph by Rush Jagoe.



children of the earth.

living. breathing. growing deeper into the earth.

this little experiment in stop-motion video is the beginning of a creative partnership with the amazing and talented friend and photographer, Rush Jagoe (http://rushjagoe.blogspot.com/)- The photos of the girl in green (myself) were taken by Rush.

To complete the trifecta of love and creativity, very soon the lovely and amazingly talented Sophia Borazanian (http://sophieborazanian.blogspot.com/), another beautiful friend and photographer, along with Rush and myself will be working on some projects together.

self. home. skin.

It's what I refer to as 'The Age of Awareness.'

Reevaluating self.
Finding yourself. to make yourself.
So far away from a physical home.
Wandering the earth. mentally. spiritually.

Home within oneself.
Home within others.
Your home within my heart. mine within yours.

It's only now that I am realizing and beginning to embrace my home within myself.

As lost in space as I am, I am home.


faded from the winter.

lately i've been back there in my head.. to the winter place where i first discovered a home in self and a home in others. I've been wandering back there over and over, because I feel like a tree uprooted. I feel stunted in some way, or at least stunned... I feel so humbled... grounded in a way that feels neither "good" nor "bad," just footed. I feel so unsure of where I am or will be.. just a tree hanging in mid-air, waiting to be replanted.


to be an artist.

"to be an artist means: not to reckon and count; to ripen like the tree which does not force its sap and stands confident in the storms of spring without fear lest no summer might come after. It does come. But it comes only to the patient ones, who are there as if eternity lay in front of them, so unconcernedly still and far."

- Ranier Maria Rilke