Those were the reasons, and that was New York.

My, my.. life has been happening. I apologize for the huge lull. It's been such a long time, I feel the need to do a catch up, so this is my ode (of sorts) to New York City. Abbreviated summery: I lived and experienced the city for almost exactly six months, and left just before Christmas- I spent a bit of time in Ohio with the people that make my heart sing, a pit stop in upstate New York with more beautiful people, and now find myself in Vermont. I'm currently the winter photo intern for the Valley News, and experiencing myself the north country deeply. I've been exploring everything, in every way, every day, and I'm going to be better about posting all sorts of thoughts and experiences, so help me god. or Allah.. or Zeus... or ____. I'll be here until the end of March.

The photos above were from the city, just before I left. My wish was to see snow before I left, and the week before a plane flew me back to the homeland my wish came true. The city was so beautiful covered in snow.. There was some sort of peace to it- nature reclaiming some small bit of control to a man made jungle. The white flowers (paperwhites) bloomed in my sister's window, the day of the first snow storm. perfect.

Mediocre pictures of Bryant Park Ice Skating Rink:

Thanksgiving in the city. Holidays are strange to begin with, but this was probably the strangest.




My time in New York deeply changed me.. But not really changed... more.. helped me to understand who I am at my core; where my heart is, what my priorities are.. It allowed me to further discover who I have always been. So, as much of a struggle as it felt at times, and as thankful as I am to be back to nature, I was exactly where I needed to be for awhile.

There is so much to say, but I think I'd rather just leave some memories for now.

I remember walking home with Bethany, through China Town, on a wet summer night, and accidentally kicking a wet rat… I didn’t know what I had kicked but Bethany saw it go flying, and we ran the next two blocks screaming.

I remember the spontaneous dance party in the west village with Cameron and Paul and others... I remember the way everyone came together, strangers in a chaotic city, being there together, laughing, dancing, feeling.

I remember the day in September with Sophia, when we went out to the Rockaways and laid on the rocks jutting out into the water. The waves were crashing and the only other people in sight were surfers out in the water.

I remember walking through Chelsea with Rush, singing Chelsea Hotel No. 2 by Leonard Cohen.

I remember when the local Classic Coffee guy, Carmine, got in a fight with a customer who had brought in a competitor’s coffee; it ended with an egg sandwich being thrown into the air, many shouts and swear words, and me giggling in the corner.

I remember the perfume woman on the late night train going to Queens- she was a Virgo and covered me with stinky perfume samples. I walked away smelling like 10 different, potentially cheap women, and being told (in a thick accent) that as Virgos, “we can grow plants but we have a hard time growing a man.” Hm.

I remember walking outside with Rush, eating ice cream in a snowstorm.

I remember laughing and dancing around the apartment with Jenna, singing September by Earth, Wind, & Fire.

I remember before going to work at a terrible job during the summer, Queen of My Double Wide Trailer started playing; I looked at Jenna, started to cry, and said “I wish I were 16 and in Ohio.” Ha.

I remember Kennedy (the cat prince of Mozambique)’s epic battle with a GIANT cockroach… Ken couldn’t keep the creature in his grasp, and the apartment felt like WWII; It kept dive bombing us and Jenna and I were hitting the deck, screaming… Until Jenna grabbed a polaroid camera, and I grabbed the biggest book I could find and squished the beast. It just happened to be a Japanese Cooking book, and the dead monster’s smeared guts really complimented the sushi on the cover.

I remember going to the ocean with Chad late at night, on a Wednesday in November.

I remember cross walk signs, flashing in sync for blocks and blocks.

I remember ginkgo trees in Park Slope.

I remember sleeping on the roof, hiding from the city.

I remember the late afternoon sunlight shining in the windows of the seven train, and the mariachi band playing- the sound of the guitar and accordion filling the air.

I remember brunch, outside with Jenna on the last warm day of fall.

I remember doing yoga on the rooftop at 8 am in the summer, and it started to rain. And it was magical.

I remember the friday night of the second week in December.

I remember so many things. and then again.. so few.

It almost feel like a lifetime ago. I think it took a couple of weeks for my head to stop spinning.

so here's to you New York City.

Those were the reasons. And that was New York.