because nature stinks.

I'm trying to get a website up so I'm going through the archives..It's funny.. I took this picture near my family's cabin in western Pennsylvania last weekend, before coming to nyc, and it is almost exactly the same as a picture I took at a truckstop while driving to nyc last fall:And then I decided that I'm going to be a humorist photographer. Well... not really, but I wish I could be. I've put some of these on here before, but while going through the archives these are the ones that made me laugh:



I'm not a creeper.

Ok, maybe I am... but it's in a tender, loving, bright-eyed way. People never cease to amaze me... it's in the little things- two friends linking arms and spilling with love and joy for each other's presence, strangers smiling like they've known you for years, girl friends sitting on the porch drinking wine until 4 am, how people react when they spill their coffee, seeing two people flirt, or seeing new lovers giggle and sneak kisses at parties, bikers nodding in recognition while passing each other on the road, watching girls fix themselves in reflective windows when they think no one is watching, watching the poets brew, the painters dream of colors, and the musicians tap their feet...

My exterior is calm, but my heart and mind are running 5,237,594 miles per minute... My life is about to change more in the next few weeks and months than it has for 20 years. I can feel it. I can feel myself exploding into life, awareness, and openness... it's insane. I'm screaming, crying, laughing, dancing, and silent at the same time. Some people would say there is a pill to fix that. I say, bring it on. I want more.

This is change. and that is life.