blurry obscurity.

The window is open
And moths are clinging to the screen
Somewhere there is sleep
There is hunger
There are lovers
And poets crying themselves to dreams.
Somewhere there are wheels
And skin
And the ability to speak.
To you
To me
Your lines are blurring
As you drift farther away
From me
God speed
Dear friend.

I run my hands around the edges
and feel
mountains fading into memory

I can’t seem
To shake
This blurry vision
These blurry words
Those blurry lines
And I can’t seem
To close
These heavy eyes.


hello again my friend

Many apologies for my time away.. It seems that my life has been broken up into three months chunks of uprooting, readjusting, settling, uprooting and on and on. The blog is the one thing that is most easily neglected and maybe the most obvious reflection of these three month stages that have guided to me to where I am. I'll continue to do my best to share regularly after this. I am currently back in southeastern Ohio; this chunk of time still feels quite transitional but at last i find myself feeling some sense of roots and home, even just a hint. I've been reflecting deeply on this last year and feel as though i've been led exactly where i need to be, and that i'm on my right path. I've dove back into the world of academia and am currently completely swamped with constant work- i'd like to reflect many more thoughts soon. For now, I'll just say that life is so beautiful and I wake up every day amazed and overwhelmingly thankful. My eyes feel bright and my heart is so full of hope for what is to come.

ps. I'm currently living in an old cabin in the woods, and my wonderful father came down to southern ohio to help me move after vermont... you can't see the cabin from the road, but he saw the blue van in the last photograph across the road when we pulled in and said "oh god, you're living in a van down by the river. well... could be worse." ha.