self. home. tub.

from the winter.

It's a tragic, beautiful, awful, lovely time of year.



I did a quick photoshoot with a musician, Kevin Meyer (aka Zephuros) about two weeks ago. He sings really tender and slightly quirky folk music about nature, and is awesome. check him out: http://www.myspace.com/zephuros


verla's legs.

Verla waits for someone to help her to the bathroom. She's wheelchair bound.

I'm putting together a multimedia on hickory creek for Soul of Athens in the next few days.. It will be interesting working in audio to the batch of pictures I've got. It's funny... for all the time I've spent there, I've barely photographed. I feel like it's been more of a personal growth experience than a photographic endeavor. I really love them.

you can see some other pictures from the nursing home here: http://www.sportsshooter.com/shaenamallett


super 8

found. it looks like it's straight out of a dream.

04.27.2008. take the wheel and drive.


The feeling of constant motion.. always a sleepy driver behind the wheel.

it's time to wake up.


the long and winding road.

the road had the most perfect curve.

I spent last weekend in Kentucky.. and this lovely afternoon was spent at a swimming hole. It was such a sunshiny day, with the biggest concern being how to best swing on the rope. I felt like I was 12, in the best way possible.

sigh... i'm restless here.

I feel really inspired and in love with life.. and people. I'm so in love with people (you reading this, you're wonderful, whoever you are. life is wonderful and strange and magic everday) but I'm consumed with work. I'm overwhelmed. and I'm restless, ready to be done, to leave, to move on... All I want to do is share in life with people and live a life of love and openness, but GD I'm overwhelmed with meaningless work... It's this internal conflict. I feel inspired but have no time to pursue it.. I try to make it better by saying maybe next week... or next week... or the next week... things will slow down.