verla's legs.

Verla waits for someone to help her to the bathroom. She's wheelchair bound.

I'm putting together a multimedia on hickory creek for Soul of Athens in the next few days.. It will be interesting working in audio to the batch of pictures I've got. It's funny... for all the time I've spent there, I've barely photographed. I feel like it's been more of a personal growth experience than a photographic endeavor. I really love them.

you can see some other pictures from the nursing home here: http://www.sportsshooter.com/shaenamallett


Mark Turner said...

Nice legs.

You should definitely go spelunking there! I think it might be the longest cave in the world, or it was when I was there. Very amazing though, and cold, its around 60 down there in the summer time.

Putting down the camera is nice huh. It's definitely more about the people for me now, especially with the elderly. They have such great stories, plus they need company, but thats everyone.

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