I fall in the Harbor
I fall in the hills
But here in the city
That never sleeps
I can fall
Through one's fingers

Twilight.... As the day turns to night
Swallowed in the shadows that glow."

-antony and the johnsons


Demo Derby... again.


Demo Derby

I spent an evening at the Albany Independent Fair's demolition derby on Sep. 7. I wound up spending the whole afternoon and evening with the Simmons family, who had a son in the derby, and their close family friends.

As the night went on, things got drunker and louder. The son won his heat and had nearly destroyed his car... They welded pieces back on and beat the rest of it with sledge hammers- all the while, the younger children were on their own in the chaos.. The noise and commotion started to affect them- they screamed and wailed on each other. I finally stepped in when the little girl started to plead for her mom and took the scared little girl back to her mother. I've been told that another photographer called that "unethical." ha. I'm human first. photographer second. I got a good laugh out of that.

The little girl, Shelby, stuck by my side the whole time. She was constantly looking at the camera with really intense eyes.


I've been in a strange and bizarre dream for quite some time now.

"A Slice of Saturday Night."

from a musical about teenagers at a club in the 60's. I shot it really quickly while in Scotland at the Edinburgh Fringe Fest. They started the show in their undies. fun.


Here are some random pictures from the documentary I did on fishing villages in Scotland. I did the project in a pretty rushed manner, not deciding on it until late in the game. It's a changing time for fishermen in Scotland, and I wish I would have been able to do a better job.

The fishermen that I went on the boat with are a third/fourth generation fishing family. The brothers and their son don't have a lot besides their boat and their families. Their father was born at the fisherman's hall in North Berwick that they work out of.

The fishing business is a dieing one... world economy, weather, and disinterest are the killers.

According to one man I spoke with, "They lie to you on the price stick at the grocery, the cost of fish is a fisherman's life."

I should have done so much more.

The pictures are random and not in any order.