Dancing in the Streets

A few beautiful friends and I started a spontaneous dance party in the West Village last week. Before we knew it, people were dancing all around us, laughing, singing... When the piano man had to pack up and go home, the 50 or more people trickled out slowly, still laughing, some holding the hands of their lovers, and everyone disappeared back into the churning city going where ever they go. It was so beautiful and free... the same people that I would normally brush past on the street, like ants moving through their colony, never to connect or truly see each other- those same random new yorkers and I were all suddenly in it together, sharing our laughter, sharing our energy...

My very beautiful friend, Cameron (bottom picture, also the girl who truly started the dancing) and I were discussing how we feel like people want to share and be open, sometimes they just need a push. It's so hard in a place like New York City... People can come off as so cold and have such a harsh exterior, but I think that underneath everyone wants to connect. They want to open up their energy to other people, but they need a catalyst... I am always reminded of how important it is to constantly keep myself in check and keep my energy open. It's difficult to do and so easy to get so lost in the daily chaos that makes us keep our eyes to the ground.

family portraits

This is the way my family takes portraits.

home in july.

I was able to go home for a weekend with the whole family... I love that little farm in the country in the summer.


Fourth of July

Same day as Coney Island but darker outside. I liked the way the first one turned out... it feels kind of dreamy.


Coney Island

I went to Coney Island for the fourth of July with Risa and Johnny (http://www.johnnysimonphoto.com/), Ramsay (http://www.ramsaydegive.com/), and Zach (http://www.zachinscho.com/). After an epic hot-dog eating battle, crazy crowds and a bit of sunburn, it was a pretty grand day. There's something about Coney Island that I love... It's so nostalgic and light-hearted.. I don't think it will ever get old to me. More in the archives: http://viscom.digitalartwork.net/VisComGrads/Shaena+Mallett/summer2008/nyc/coneyisland/

"Joey Chestnut for president."


hello again nyc.

I've been in nyc for a little under two weeks.. still trying to find some solid work to do.

This place makes my head spin.. I feel like there is so much to learn here. It's amazing how much being surrounded by 20 million people makes you question yourself... so much outside chaos leaves me feeling the need to turn in, or i just get caught it a survival shell. I think I'll write more about it really soon and more thoughts, but sleep for now.