And it begins..

It begins.. an electronic record of my photography and realizations as I try to explore beauty, love, and truth with the images I create.

The world of photography is a fairly new one to me, and I am at a stage of constant rise and fall. I'm positive that the future has an exponential amount of growth in store.. and I'm hoping that this online documentation will allow me to share that and reflect upon it myself.

There's a part of me that would like to wait until I have more impressive things to share, but this summer seems as though it's a major turning point in my life- calling for now to be the right time to jump in. I'll reflect on what's already been, and inform on what's to be later on.

And now, a poem.

"I'll blog you.
You'll blog me.
Let's blog together, under a tree."

and there you have it. the beginning.

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