winter, fading.

So here I lay, in the snow covered hills
nake and pale
I whisper to you of my love you do not see,
with such delicate a breath
the sound may not reach your ears
until you are an old man
withered and grey
Because then you will see all that I was
and gently, all that I was not.


I'm starting to wrap up my time in Vermont- just three more days left. I'm ready, for ohio, for spring, for loved ones... Winter is starting to break here and spring is creeping its way in, but a few small snow flurries here today reminded me that it's not quite spring yet, and I'm still here. so be here. I'm starting to sort it all out- the photographs I've taken, the things I've written, the things I've learned, the things I've felt... So I think the next few posts are going to be catching up on some of the work that I've done in my time here and lessons learned. I'm not sure why sometimes I really love to post little personal writings with open-ended-pictures-without-people... I hope it's not too annoying or dull, and I'll try to post some more pictures with people in them. I swear I take them often.

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