hiding in the stairwell

Town meetings have been the big news happenings here recently- I never knew about this classic form of local government that still happens here in parts of New England until I started the internship. Interesting stuff. I'm going to share more pictures later but for now I just wanted to put up a few pictures of these girls.. even though I only photographed them for a couple of minutes, they really made me laugh and made being at a budget meeting so much more bearable- they are really sweet and awkward 8th grader who are best buds- they were forced to go to the meeting to sell snacks in order to raise funds for the 8th grade trip so instead of working they sat in the hallway and giggled loudly about boys outside the window. They were wearing almost identical outfits, and even their names rhyme; Chelsea and Kelsey. I love awkward young teenagers. maybe I should do a documentary on the awkward years? Blending in would probably be no problem.. I mean after all, I still get asked while photographing high school events what grade I'm in.


Sophie Borazanian said...

oddly enough my awkward times were some of my happiest in a me being nostalgic sort of way..doing a series on it is a great idea.

Brittany said...

i get asked too what grade i'm in! i went to this thing where seniors in high school teach senior citizens how to use a computer...a senior citizen asked me if i was helping for the class...and then i pointed out my camera and told her i was in college! haha. maybe its because i'm short.

see in a week or so!

Brittany said...

i meant to say see YOU in a week or so :)