wicked weeble wobbles, chowda, and moose. or lack thereof.

one of the best parts about going to a completely new place is the chance to make observations and notice things from an outsider's point of view.. the observations can be random and unfounded, sure, but hell... i've got nothing to follow that statement, actually.

so, some random things i've been noticing...

-new england loves Dunkin' Donuts. I've never seen so many Dunkin' Donuts in all my life... I was told that it is the biggest coffee distributor in the world, which I couldn't imagine, because I had only ever seen a few in my whole life... but now it makes sense. This place feeds the beast. This is also ironic to me, because Vermont was named the healthiest state in 2008. Doughnut anomaly.

-cops love using big snow banks to their full advantage.

-cops also love targeting young girls with ohio license plates. I actually had a police officer ask me, 'why the hell are you this far from home at this time of year, young lady?' uhh...

-I think the moose have all run away. I see moose crossing signs everywhere, and yet, no moose. And I think this is really a shame.

- there is a mentality of fitness among young people that is really widespread... I regularly see 12 and 13 year olds that could whoop me, and high school students that look like semi-pro athletes.

-Being organic and green and local is all the rage. More than anywhere in this country that I've been to. Which is awesome.

-The snow here doesn't melt. It just builds. and builds. and builds.

-Not knowing how to ski is like not knowing how to walk.

-I was offered chowda, and it was one of the happiest moments of my life.... chowda exists, even in vermont.

-Whoever designed the highway system here, loves unreasonably short merge lanes.

-"Wicked" is to New England, as "Hella" is to Northern California. The first time I heard it here, it was when a 5 year old told me about this "wicked cool" weeble wobble playset she has.


Johnny said...

My diet for a solid three weeks last year was a small black coffee, everything bagel and a donut if i was feeling special. Hope you're having a good time. As cheap as the Double D might be, I kind of missed its abundance after I left. See you soon yo. Take a trip to Canada if you can.


James Roh said...

Haha nice observations. Next time you're at Dunkin Donuts, try the Vanilla bean shake. Honestly, it is so good. And, hopefully that chowda is as good as it sounds. For some reason, I have a soft spot for that stuff even though it sounds so gross when you think about it. Keep kicking ass girl and keep making me lolz at your observations.

Brittany said...

stay away from dunkin donuts! i swear that place is evil. but maybe its because i worked there for a couple months while in high school. lets just say, it wasnt a good idea because after consuming most of their products, and putting on 10 unwanted pounds, i realized that working out was my new best friend and i will never eat a donut again

Brooke LaValley said...

my boyfriend is from Weymouth, Ma and he's obsessed with Dunkin Donuts. I don't get it, but when they built on in Columbus he made me drive by it just to see what it looked like.

Shaena Mallett said...


Brittany, I went through a phase when I first got here where I was obsessed with eating muffins... they just bring me a lot of joy and comfort, so I decided to sample muffins from various locations near the newspaper office- I tried Dunkin Donuts blueberry muffin, which was surprisingly delicious.. i felt like it might become a habit, so i decided to check the nutrition facts online and saw that there are 51 grams of sugar in each little muffin. habit stopped.

And Brooke, that is so funny... I'm imagining the drive by, and it's such a good mental image.

Brittany said...

ahaha oh Shaena i went through the same phase of muffins in Sandusky! muffins are so good...they make me happy :) but yeah dunkin donuts is so high in sugar. after i witnessed how they make certain products, and the smell lingered in my car for months...i cant even bare to walk into one.