Hello, New England.

Half way through my stay here. It's been a trip getting to know this new place.. I've never been to any state in New England before, so my eyes have felt wide open. I'm still trying to decide if coming to stay in Vermont in the heart of winter was the best idea or not... but I find myself just taking it all for what it is. Even in the bitter cold, there is so much beauty here, I am constantly in awe.

here are a couple of the very first photographs i took, from my first day wandering around here. It's always so interesting to me to look back at the first photographs you take after going to a new environment, after you've started to feel like you're getting used to it... Remembering what it looked like with the very freshest of eyes, the little things that you noticed first..

the view from my windows and the house i'm living in:

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Mark Turner said...

I love the first one so much