New Paltz

I was lucky enough to take a quick trip to New Paltz to visit Peter and Lee weekend before last... I needed to hide in that little cabin in the woods for a moment. It was one of the times when the universe lines up in a strange series of events and you're left with your head spinning, simply knowing that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

It's funny to me that I tried to take a picture to capture something about the moments I experienced touching the bark on a tree and allowing cold water in a stream to run over my hand.. To feel the tree, truly feel it, hold it, listen to silence with it, breathe upon it, was to experience it. not a photograph. And as for the water... to photograph water is to strip it of its being, more than almost anything else I can think of... to stop its fluidity and flow. I catch myself sometimes, trying to hold on to something by taking a picture of it. Can you truly be in a moment- feel it- be it, if you are taking a picture of it? Sometimes it feels like a silly human desperation to hold on to something before it inevitably changes.

I made friends with this salamander and then its baby.

peace. When we arrived at the lake, the fog made it impossible to see the other side. It was swallowed into a cloud, but we could still hear the voices of the families on the other side, laughing, shouting into the haze...

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Peter Hoffman said...

2nd to last frame. Beautiful.