late night wanderings.

It's 3:52 am. I am still awake. Why? I don't know. It's a lurking feeling.. the one that creeps up on you in the middle of the work day and all you can do is stand paralyzed thinking, "this is not where I am supposed to be." And then realizing that feeling isn't really the paralyzer... it's the realization that there is no where else right now, and you are here. So be here. And then what else is there to do, but sit in your underwear and eat cereal, stretch, breathe, and go to sleep hoping that you don't wake up with an impending sense of doom in a few hours. Sometimes life takes you in strange places. I'm there. I think I feel stifled and idle... I need to create something.

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Mark Johnston said...

Really enjoyed the stop motion, the music was excellent.
Some beautiful shots in there.