Two Thousand and Elevan

 January 1, 2011

December 31, 2011

I am so thankful for this last year. It's been full of some major transitions, including finishing a degree, moving south and learning to make decisions for love. Photographically speaking, the first six months were crazy with shooting a thesis, and the second six months were quiet with my camera mostly sitting on a desk while I farmed, hid away from most of the world and thought about all of the reasons why I have been terrified for so long to photograph from my core, why I have hid away for the last few years and have been so afraid to share. There are thousands of reasons, moments of personal history to explain away my fears, but maybe it can boil down to this; when we photograph to hold onto the past, we are holding onto some past truth of ourselves in that moment, and to put that out there to the world is vulnerable. It's amazing, our ability as human beings to be so afraid of ourselves. I'm ready, maybe for the first time I can remember, to let go of this year and move onto another. I sat for awhile on the solstice, and again on new years, and remembered something that I have forgotten since birth; only in letting go can we make space for lightness to shine in. So. There's my new years ramble. Here's to you folks.

thank you.


katie said...

this is just the most beautiful collection of pictures i've seen in such a long t ime. so real... so honest. thanks for sharing......

Steve McLaughlin said...

Thanks to Katie for forwarding this on and thanks to Shaena for being brave enough to share your year! Wonderful images, eye opening!