Yuri Kozyrev

Yuri Kozyrev

this man's work truly blows my mind. why is it so visually different than most photographers taking similar types of photographs in the same places? perhaps a better cultural understand of the people in the photographs?


late summer

chickens at celebrity dairy in siler city, nc.

it seems i haven't really taken many pictures of people the last six months.


a food series i shot in the spring


Photography Auction for a Good Cause - ENDS SUNDAY NIGHT!

Not sure what to buy your photo-loving loved ones for christmas (and this can include yourself)? Want to help fund something meaningful but don't know what? Well look no further!

Chad A. Stevens, talented photographer, videographer and teacher (and man of my heart) is currently putting on an online photography auction to help fund the making of his documentary film, A Thousand Little Cuts. Chad has been dedicated to telling the story of a grandmother caught between worlds, fighting to save her beloved mountains and her family in a place where coal rules king. This is an independent documentary, which means it needs your support to finish!

Along with the auction is another page called "Jumpstart,"where you can buy any one of a handful of prints instantly, as well as pre-order a DVD of the documentary.

There are some world class photographers with photographs in the auction, including Bob Sacha, Barbara Davidson, Ed Kashi, Scott Strazzante, Jack Corn, and David LaBelle, just to name a few. There is even a photograph (well actually two if you look at the Jumpstart page) of yours truly in the auction. I am seriously honored to be on the same website page with any of the previously listed photographers, and I am urging you to check out all of the great stuff to bid on.


Click here to check it out.


headless snake in the flower patch

self portrait with a headless snake that i found in the flower patch on the farm. early october 2011